Ongoing Dedication to Equality 

Our commitment to quality and diversity is not limited to recruitment.

Our commitment to quality and diversity is not limited to recruitment. This commitment means that we actively promote diversity and equality in our Chambers, while seeking to root out discrimination. This extends to across all facets our Chambers including pupils, members and out support staff.

Some of the ways we have put this into action are:

  • We have a maternity policy to support our members of Chambers. Amongst other things, it includes a rent holiday of up to 9 months for members who have given birth and active practice management assistance when the member returns to work. In respect of our support staff, the policy provides the option to take up to 12 months’ leave starting from the date of giving birth. 
  • We also have policies in place to assist members who have adopted, as well as for members whose partners have given birth.
  • We also have a committee dedicated to issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. This committee will be assisted by professional external consultants to ensure that Quadrant is doing everything possible to ensure equality amongst its members and support staff.
  • We also have a committee dedicated to issues concerning the well-being of members and staff. This follows on from our focus throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns to assist the well-being of members and staff by organising virtual coffee mornings and an internal newsletter to keep people connected.
  • In addition to the mandatory pupil supervisor training, we ensure that all of our pupil supervisors are specifically trained on issues of diversity, equality and inclusion. We also provide each of our pupils with a pastoral care scheme whereby an experience pupillage supervisor steps outside of the teaching/assessment programme and is available to speak to pupils on an entirely confidential basis. 
  • We are dedicated to maintaining a diverse clerks room and support staff in order to assist our diverse membership. At the time of writing, we are pleased to say that clerks and support staff are comprised of 50% women and 50% men.

As a Chambers, we continue to work hard towards identifying and addressing areas where we can improve on issues of diversity, equality, and inclusion. In this vein, we are working on more projects internally and with external consultants and hope to be able to update this page shortly with the further developments that we to hope to implement as a result of those projects.