Quadrant Chambers Aviation News Summer 2020

Quadrant Chambers Aviation News Issue 1 Summer 2020


We are pleased to introduce the first issue of Quadrant Chambers Aviation News. In this issue, members of Quadrant bring together reports on some of the interesting decisions in the aviation market. 


Quadrant Chambers Aviation News Issue 1 Summer 2020



  • Editorial by John Kimbell QC
  • Aircraft Leading: Latest News - Nas Air Co v Genesis Aviation Trading 3 Ltd - Matthew Reeve
  • Good Faith and Maintenance Agreements - Cathay Pacific Airways Limited v Lufthansa Technik AG [2020] EWHC 1789 - Stephanie Barrett
  • Airlines, Insolvencies and Slots - If a Tree Falls in the Forest … Shouldn’t the Saplings in the Clearing Benefit? - Thomas Macey-Dare QC
  • Escape Routes from Aviation Contracts – COVID-19, Frustration and Force Majeure - Mark Stiggelbout and Emily McWilliams
  • Weighing Anchors Again: Commercial Court confirms applicability of Merits Test to claims against “anchor defendants” under Article 8(1) of Brussels Recast - Senior Taxi Aereo & Others v Agusta Westland S.p.A & Others [2020] EWHC 1348 (Comm) - Tim Marland
  • Remote Hearings - Quadrant’s Barristers Clock Up 145 to Date - Mark Stiggelbout
  • Trouble in the Middle East, or Europe, or England & Wales? - Robert-Jan Temmink QC
  • The Emiliano Sala case – an update – the PIR on 16 March and the breadth of the inquiry - Matthew Reeve

There will be hard copies of Quadrant Chambers Aviation News available, which we would be happy to send you. If you would like to receive one, please email marketing@quadrantchambers.com and if you could indicate an address you would like it sent to.