Quadrant on Shipping | Issue 1 | Spring 2019


Recent years have seen a significant number of important cases in the shipping context and a seemingly renewed interest amongst the judiciary in ensuring the continuing development of this area of law. That trend has continued unabated in 2018-2019 and our talented juniors have taken the opportunity to put together a round up of the key cases from recent months which we hope will be of interest to the reader. We are also pleased to say that Members of Quadrant Chambers have been involved in many.

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  • Extension of Fiona Trust to settlement agreement: The Four Island [2018] EWHC 3820 (Comm) - Ruth Hosking
  • Government interferences under the Sugar Charter Party 1999: ‘The Muammer Yagci’ - Andrew Carruth
  • The Pacific Voyager - When is an owner under a voyage charterparty obliged to commence the approach voyage to the loadport? - Stewart Buckingham
  • Volcafe v CSAV [2018] UKSC 61: Who has to prove what, when? - Natalie Moore
  • Unseaworthiness and Passage Planning: The CMA CGM LIBRA - Emmet Coldrick
  • Collision Liability heads to the Supreme Court: Alexandra 1 v Ever Smart - Paul Henton 
  • Force majeure and alternative modes of performance: Classic Maritime Inc v Limbungan Makmum SND BHD [2018] EWHC 2389 (Comm) - Paul Toms
  • Set-off against freight: freight-forwarding and project cargoes - Emmet Coldrick 
  • No requirement for cross-undertaking in damages: THE “MV ALKYON” - Andrew Leung
  • Deck cargo exclusion clauses: Aprile SPA v Elin Maritime Ltd (“The Elin”) - Max Davidson
  • The Athens Convention: Warner v Scapa Flow Charters [2018] UKSC 52; [2018] 1 WLR 4974 - Tom Bird
  • Time Charter Disputes: Owners cannot claim hire for vessel detained by pirates – The Eleni P - Tom Nixon
  • The “LADY M” – The Court of Appeal considers the meaning of the ‘fire’ exception - Benjamin Coffer