Apply For Pupillage 2021

In April 2020, pupillage interviews will be conducted by video conference, arranged by Quadrant. In order to ensure the process is a smooth and secure as possible we will be using Microsoft Teams for the interviews and will have a reduced panel to make it easier for the candidates.

Successful candidates invited to interview will have a short test conducted by Chambers' staff in advance of the interview in order to check the quality of the signal. Each candidate will also be offered advice about the interview and some tips for the video meeting.

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Applications for Pupillage at Quadrant Chambers commencing in October 2021 were available via the Pupillage Gateway at which closed at 11am on Friday 7 February 2020.

You can also follow us on Twitter @QPupillage

    The Process

    Quadrant Chambers has a three stage application process:

    Stage One: Application via the Pupillage Gateway

    Applicants should use the Pupillage Gateway online portal to submit their written application. We look for candidates with a very strong academic background, excellent communication skills, and the commitment and energy to succeed in the competitive world of the Commercial Bar.

    Note that we use all seven of the available bespoke questions in the Gateway process.

    We also ask every candidate to complete a RARE survey. This gives us contextualised information with regard to your A-level results and helps to promote increased diversity in our process.

    To ensure fairness, each candidate’s written application is marked blind.

    Stage Two: Test Set

    Candidates who successfully pass Stage One are asked to complete a Test Set of papers and return them to Chambers to be marked. This will be a written problem which will enable us to assess how well applicants can marshal arguments and express themselves clearly and concisely.  To ensure fairness, each candidate’s answer is marked blind by two Members of Chambers.

    Stage Three: Short List Interview

    The candidates who produce the best test set are invited to an interview with a panel of Members of Chambers. The aim of the interview is to further test candidates’ intellectual ability, analytical skills, judgment, and ability to think and express themselves clearly and persuasively under pressure.

    Important Information

    The Pupillage Gateway will open for applications at 11am on Tuesday 7 January 2020 and the deadline to apply is 11am on Friday 7 February 2020

    The invitations to complete the written test set will be sent during the week commencing 2nd March 2020 with test sets to be returned within 10 days

    Short-list interviews will be held during the week commencing 6 April 2020

    Offers will be made via the Gateway on Thursday 7 May 2020


    Equal Opportunities

    • Quadrant Chambers is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and this is reflected in our pupillage selection procedures.
    • Quadrant Chambers complies with all equal-opportunities legislation and keeps its procedures under review at all times.