Quadrant Chambers Annual Summer Shipping Seminar

Quadrant Chambers held its Annual Summer Shipping Seminar on Wednesday 7 June 2017 at Quadrant Chambers (Quadrant House, 10 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AU)

The seminar, chaired by Simon Rainey QC, considered the decision of The Supreme Court in The Ocean Victory and the following other important recent decisions:

  • The Ocean Victory and Abnormal Occurrence: an Opportunity Missed? - James M.Turner QC reviewed Lord Clarke’s judgment with a particular eye on his summary dismissal of Gard’s risk assessment argument.
  • Unrecoverable Losses? Bareboat Charters after The Ocean Victory -  Michael Davey QC considered the Supreme Court’s (majority) decision that insurance provisions in the Barecon 89 form exclude claims between Owners and Bareboat Charterers, but that there may be alternative grounds for recouping such losses from third parties.
  • Volcafe v CSAV: The Hague Rules, Inherent Vice and the Burden of Proof - the US$62,500 question.- John Russell QC
  • Electronic shocks – the forthcoming decision in the MSC EUGENIA - Yash Kulkarni discussed the issues debated before the Court of Appeal in the recent appeal hearing of the MSC EUGENIA and the impact of the forthcoming decision on container shipping generally.
  • Know your limits: two recent cases on limitation under the Hague(-Visby) Rules - In the last few months, the Commercial Court has given two significant judgments which address the application of Article IV.5 of the Hague(-Visby) Rules, and in particular the meaning of the word ‘unit’. Benjamin Coffer discussed the decisions In The Maersk Tangier and In The Aqasia.

A copy of the handout is available via the attached link.