Investment Treaty Arbitration and the Changing Energy Landscape

Time: 18.00 BST
Venue: Quadrant Chambers and Zoom


Quadrant Chambers is pleased to welcome Sarah Vasani, Partner, Co-Head of International Arbitration at CMS and Graham Coop, Partner, Volterra Fietta and former General Counsel to the Energy Charter Secretariat to our next Quadrant Chambers International Arbitration Panel Event, where they will join Alexander Uff and Gaurav Sharma in discussing ‘Investment treaty arbitration and the changing energy landscape’. Simon Rainey QC will chair proceedings. 

Topics for discussion will include:

  • How investment protection regimes are changing, and what this means for investments in older or hydrocarbon-based technologies 
  • How new projects and technologies including renewables are navigating investment protection regimes.
  • Reform of the Energy Charter Treaty. 
  • Will climate change litigation in local courts lead to investment treaty claims in the future?
  • What will we need to meet net zero targets and what are the implications for energy and natural resources industries?

This event will be held as a hybrid event. On the registration link below, there is an option to register interest for attending in person, which will be confirmed separately.