Quadrant & Wista

Quadrant Chambers and WISTA-UK: Women in Arbitration – tips for success as an arbitrator

Time: 18:00
Venue: 10 Fleet Street, London EC4A 1AU


​Quadrant Chambers is pleased to be hosting this joint event with WISTA UK which focuses on developing a career as a female arbitrator. We are privileged to have our panel chaired by Mrs Justice Cockerill, and our fantastic panel includes Poonam Melwani KC, Ruth Hosking, Sara Gillingham-Aukner and Karina Albers.

The panel discussion will be essential viewing for anyone considering being an arbitrator, whether now or in the future. We discuss how the landscape is changing and give practical tips and information to help launch your career:

  • Pathways into arbitrating and personal journeys
  • Where do you start?
  • What skills do you need?
  • What (or is there) support available?
  • What are the realities of being a female arbitrator?
  • Advice for best practice and what does success look like?