Quadcast Live - Limitation: Stopping the Clock


The team will consider FII Group Litigation [2020] UKSC 47 a seven member Supreme Court decision revisiting two previous House of Lords decisions on limitation and delay to the commencement of a limitation period due to mistake.  Unusually, the majority Supreme Court over-ruled a previous House of Lords decision with the minority being in favour of over-ruling two previous House of Lords decisions.  The Quadcast team will discuss the case and also the other difficulties with postponement of the limitation period under s.32 of the Limitation Act 1980.

Join the team live on the Quadrant Chambers YouTube channel for a lively analysis that our team hopes you find both relevant and engaging. The format is simple. Each edition, the Quadcast team invite you to join in the discussion using the YouTube chat function, giving your comments, questions and observations live as the programme is on air. Any advance questions for the team can be sent to quadcast@quadrantchambers.com.