Quadrant on Shipping

Quadrant on Shipping | Issue 5 | Autumn 2023


We are delighted to release the fifth edition of 'Quadrant on Shipping'. Nigel Cooper KC provides the editorial, Simon Rainey KC and Lydia Myers review the last year as a whole, and our barristers round up key cases in the shipping sector over the last year into this one publication. The quality, breadth and depth of shipping work that Quadrant undertakes with our clients is reflected in the articles in this edition, which we hope you will find helpful and interesting.

We also preview London International Shipping Week, which is now only a week away. We are very proud to continue our support of LISW, and are hosting multiple events during the week. The events are all listed in the links below and included in the preview. We look forward to seeing you throughout the week. See the related events on the right hand side of this page. 

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  • Shipping - A Year in Review
  • Misdelivery by the Carrier after Discharge and the Article III Rule 6 Time Bar: the ‘Alhani gap’ is filled - FIMBank p.l.c. v KCH Shipping Co. Ltd (The Giant Ace) [2023] EWCA Civ 569
  • The Thorco Lineage: Limitation Under the Hague-Visby Rules Where There is Physical Damage and Economic Loss - Trafigura PTE Ltd v TKK Shipping Ltd (“The Thorco Lineage”) [2023] EWHC 26 (Comm) 
  • Rule Changes on Collision Statements of Case 
  • Are Internal ‘Hedges’ Relevant to the Assessment of Damages - Rhine Shipping DMCC v Vitol SA [2023] EWHC 1265 (Comm) 
  • Cargo Hold Inspection and Reinspection - Pan Ocean Co Ltd v Daelim Corporation [2023] EWHC 391 (Comm) 
  • Sanctions and Strict Contractual Performance - Gravelor Shipping Ltd v GTLK Asia M5 Ltd [2023] EWHC 131 (Comm)
  • ‘EVER GIVEN’ in the Suez Canal: when is a binding contract concluded? - Smit Salvage B.V. & Ors v Luster Maritime S.A. & Anr (The ‘Ever Given’) [2023] EWHC 697 (Admlty) 
  • Court of Appeal Judgment in Respect of Misdelivery Claims under Bill of Lading Contracts - Unicredit Bank A.G. v Euronav N.V. [2023] EWCA Civ 471 
  • London International Shipping Week
  • No Binding Arbitration Agreement; Renewed Importance of the Classic Principles of Construction and Interpretation  - Emirates Shipping Line DMCES v Gold Star Line Ltd [2023] EWHC 880 (Comm)
  • The Power of Deduction (or Not …) in Relation to the Payment of Hire - Fastfreight Pte Ltd v Bulk Trident Shipping Ltd (“Anna Dorothea”) [2023] EWHC 105 (Comm) 
  • Andrew Baker J Imposing Order on Chaos - MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. -v- Stolt Tank Containers B.V. and others ‘The MSC Flaminia [2022] EWHC 2746 (Admlty) 
  • Practice Statement Makes Perfect: The Supreme Court Affirms Buchanan v Babco - JTI Polska v Jakubowski [2023] UKSC 19 
  • Another Crossing Rule Case - FMG Hong Kong Shipping Ltd, the Demise Charterers of FMG SYDNEY v Owners of the MSC APOLLO [2023] EWHC 328 (Admlty) 
  • The End of the One-Stop Shop - DHL Project & Chartering Ltd v Gemini Ocean Shipping Ltd (the “Newcastle Express”) [2022] EWCA Civ 1555
  • When the Skipper Fails to Testify - Arnold v Halcyon Yachts Ltd [2022] EWHC 2858 (Admlty)
  • One-off Pilot Error did not Render Port Unsafe
  • Settlement reached in The Eternal Bliss