Commodities Update 2019: Risks and Practical Issues: Digitisation, LOIs and Fraud


Quadrant Chambers will be holding its annual Commodities Update event on 20 June 2019. We are delighted to have Lord Justice Males chairing this event. Our fantastic panel includes Ann Shazell, Global Lead Lawyer at Cargill International SA, Ajay Ahluwalia, Legal Counsel at Trafigura, John Russell QC and Paul Toms from Quadrant. 

Our panel will consider the following topics:

Digitalisation and the modernisation of global trade operations - Ann Shazell, Cargill International SA

Risky Business: LOIs in International Trade: Managing risks and practical issues arising out of the use of Letters of Indemnity in international trade contracts - Ajay Ahluwalia, Trafigura

Fraud part 1: where a fraudulent act prevents sums due under a contract reaching the contractual counterparty - Paul Toms will explore cases where sums due under a contract do not reach the contractual counterparty by reason of fraud and consider who bears the risk of non-receipt.

Fraud part 2 where the Claimant has been guilty of fraudulent conduct - John Russell QC will explore cases where a party seeking to make a claim has been guilty of fraudulent behaviour, in terms of his ability to bring a substantive action or enforce an arbitral award.