Quadcast Shipping Special

Quadcast Shipping Special - The 'Unlucky Voyage'

Time: 11am
Venue: Via Zoom


This Quadcast Shipping Special charts an ill-fated journey under a voyage charter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa – where either the Master, the pilot, or perhaps both, bring Covid-19 on board - to China. The passage plan goes unfinished because the Chief Officer retires from his duties, feeling unwell. After departing from Port Elizabeth for China, the Chief Officer takes a turn for the worse, spurring the Master to deviate for the nearest port. The Master seeks to persuade the port to allow the Chief Officer’s body to be disembarked, to no avail. The Vessel then proceeds to China.  

Simon Rainey QC, John Russell QC, Nichola Warrender and Andrew Leung explore some of the issues arising out of this scenario, including:

  • Was the Vessel unseaworthy?
  • Was there a justified deviation?
  • Was Port Elizabeth a safe port?

A detailed copy of the scenario is available from marketing@quadrantchambers.com.