Quadrant Chambers & Maritime London: The Law Commission Electronic Documents Consultation


In 2020 the Law Commission was asked by Government to consider how the law of England and Wales should be reformed to facilitate the digitisation of trade documentation including bills of lading, ship’s delivery orders and cargo insurance certificates. On 30th April 2021 it published a consultation paper which outlined its research, proposals for reform and a draft Bill designed to implement those proposals. The report was published on 16 March. 

This panel event was hosted by Quadrant Chambers and Maritime London. It was chaired by Dr Miriam Goldby and includes Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law, Prof Sarah Green, Yash Kulkarni KC, Quadrant Chambers, Matthew Cox, HFW, and Mark Brattman, ITIC. They discussed the reports’ findings and recommendations, and the impact it will have on international trade.