Trouble at Sea: the legal implications of the Red Sea attacks


The attacks on vessels in the Red Sea has meant major disruption to the shipping sector and supply chains as vessels avoid this critical arterial route for trade. What are the legal implications of the situation for shipowners, charterers and cargo interests?

Quadrant Chambers’ John Russell KC, Tom Macey-Dare KC and Joseph Gourgey discuss the following issues along with guest panellists Marie Kelly, Vice President, Defence Global at Gard, and Victoria Mitchell, Analyst at Control Risks. They will consider the following:

  • The geopolitical background, the current risks to shipping, and how the situation may develop in the coming weeks and months
  • The legal framework, including usual and customary route, compliance with charterers' employment orders, lawful deviation, Article IV(4) of the Hague Rules, and frustration
  • The BIMCO war clauses - Conwartime and Voywar - and the decisions in The Triton Lark and The Paiwan Wisdom
  • Practical advice and recommendations for shipowners and charterers