James M Turner KC
Called: 1990
Silk: 2013

James M Turner KC

BA Hons. (Dunelm),
LL.M. (Tübingen)
Called 1990 Inner Temple
Co-author with Dr. Sarah Derrington of The Law and Practice of Admiralty Matters, OUP 2007, 2nd edition 2016.  The first edition was described by Prof. D.R. Thomas (2007) 13 JIML 304 as “a ... very fine book ... comprehensive ... and skilfully structured ... which provides the reader with a clear and readable exposition of a fascinating area of law and practice. It is well researched, comprehensive, contemporary and discerning ... a significant contribution to the literature ... ”.
CEDR-Accredited Mediator

Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists

Shanghai International Arbitration Center panel

AIAC panel as mediator and arbitrator

NAI list of arbitrators

UNUM list of arbitrators
COMBAR, TECBAR, LCLCBA, British-German Jurists, IBA, ICC, LCIA, LMAA (Supporting Member), DAA (Dutch Arbitration Association), DIS (German Arbitration Institute), GMAA, SCMA, Chartered Institute of Linguists.

With vast experience of arbitration as counsel, James accepts appointments as arbitrator in a range of international commercial disputes, including those where the language of the reference is German or Dutch.

His experience as arbitrator over more than 20 years includes ICC, LCIA, HKIAC, LMAA, NAI (Dutch Arbitration Institute), UNUM and ad hoc references. His recent (2020-date) and current appointments include:

  • Chair of an LCIA arbitration arising out of a cattle export contract from Spain to Turkey
  • Sole arbitrator in an LCIA dispute regarding an offshore surveying contract (proceeded to an interim final award before settling)
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in an ICC reference concerning a ship repair contract (proceeded to an award)
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in an NAI arbitration regarding an offshore construction dispute, with Dutch curial and substantive law
  • Chair of an LCIA reference (appointed by the party-appointed arbitrators) with Dutch substantive and English curial law (settled during the main hearing following several interlocutory rulings, principally on disclosure)
  • Chair of an LCIA reference arising out of coal-supply contracts and giving rise to issue of Swiss procedural law (proceeded to substantive and costs awards)
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in multiple LMAA references, including charterparty, ship sale and collision disputes
  • Sole arbitrator appointed by the parties in an expedited ICC reference arising out of a sales contract, in which both the contract and the arbitration were governed by Polish law. Involved application of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods. Proceeded to an award within the timetable set by the ICC Rules.
  • Co-arbitrator appointed by UNUM in ship-sale dispute, with English substantive and Dutch curial law (has so far proceeded to one award)
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in an HKIAC reference arising out of a ship conversion contract.
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in an UNUM reference, relating to guarantee claims under a super-yacht construction contract, with Dutch substantive and curial law
  • Party-appointed arbitrator in two related LCIA references concerning oil supply contracts
  • Chair in an ICC reference arising out of a charterparty dispute

James is on the arbitration and mediation panels of the Shanghai and the Asian (formerly Kuala Lumpur) International Arbitration Centres. In May 2021, James became the first non-Dutch arbitrator on the UNUM list of arbitrators. Formerly TAMARA, UNUM Transport & Mediation is the leading Dutch maritime dispute resolution service. In February 2023, James was added to the NAI List of Arbitrators. The NAI is the leading (and only non-specialist) Dutch arbitration institute. In March 2024, James was admitted to the SCMA Panel of Arbitrators.