Parental Support

Quadrant provides support to all our new parents both financially with rent-free periods and with practice management in the lead up to and return from parental leave. 

“I would highlight the fantastic support from both the clerks room and leaders in Chambers for female barristers when they go on maternity leave and upon their return. They understand that it can be a challenging time and work with you to help make it a smooth and positive experience. That approach is not universal at the Commercial Bar and I think that Quadrant leads the field in this respect.’
  - Gemma Morgan

“As the father of two young children, I was supported by Chambers in the early days of parenthood by the 6-week rent holiday offered to those on parental leave, and the support of my clerks in managing deadlines and client expectations during and shortly after my return from parental leave. Being self-employed, I am also able to work from home when not in hearings and have the freedom to determine my working hours, which enables me to do the school run.’ 
  - Andrew Leung